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Manual Purchases Easy Digital Downloads

by Baitcode in , on Januari 4, 2021

This add-on gives you the ability to manually create purchases and attribute them to any registered user or guest. You simply select the Downloads you wish to assign to the buyer, enter a user ID or email address, and click “Create Payment”.

When manual payments are created, all earnings and sales stats are updated to reflect the manual purchase, just as they are when real purchases are made.

Full support for variables prices is included.

An amount override option is included, letting you manually specify the amount of the purchase. If you leave the amount override blank, the purchase price will be automatically calculated.

Note: the purchase receipt will be emailed to the buyer when the payment is created.

Requires Easy Digital Downloads v1.7 or later.

Release Information

  • Price

    Rp 75,000.00

  • Released

    Januari 4, 2021

  • Last Updated

    Februari 13, 2021

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